Decorating my home.. of the Christmas Variety

Some of us really enjoy decking the halls.

For me, a creative beast, Christmas decorating is a disease, something in my blood I was born with. Its an opportunity that comes around once a year to release some pent up ideas and just let er rip!

This year my “Christmas Style” (I hate the word “theme” I will never use it, and please refrain from using it in my presence) only exception kids birthdays can be themed) is inspired by a cabin in the woods. It works well as my home is already pretty much a cabin, all 1400 sqft of its character and coziness.

Anyway lets get to it, think wildlife, fur, wood, rustic, a wee bit of sparkle, it is the holidays after all.

Please share your own festive decor projects, as you can tell I get off on this kind of thing. Enjoy!

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Come home to me 1255 College Drive

IMG_1739This home is like walking into a hug from your Mom. It has that warm fuzzy family feeling about it, a place you want to come home to at Christmas and play games in your pajamas all day.




The kitchen invites all activities of life, from feasts to homework.


The family room is spacious yet cozy with the gas fireplace. Light streams in all the windows, a different view out of each one.



College-044 College-049What are you going to do after the kids are tucked in?… Escape to the master suite, it feels like a room you might find in a resort, a three sided fireplace and gorgeous soaker tub, Hello!! Yes please.


College-065 College-062 College-058The other awesome feature of this home is the fully finished basement with ginormous ceilings and endless possibilities! Let me list some of the options to get the creative juices flowing….. a basement suite, hair studio, host a student, maybe your adult child that hasn’t quite spread his wings?, wine cellar, home theatre, daycare, massage and esthetics, home brewery, library, play room, the in-laws would be quite comfortable, and of course the ever popular man cave. Need I go on, this basement could be anything you can dream up!


College-071 College-081I could go on and on about this place, in fact it may even require a part two post in order to cover all the admirable qualities. I’m thinking I won’t have time to write a second post because the word is out now and the buyers are going to swoon at a chance to come home to 1255 College drive.


Join me.

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Ok no more procrastination, its time to DO THIS! Ive been having this conversation with myself for months, but NOW is the time, Here we go, please join me on this adventure. 

Nanaimo is my home, I am a real estate agent, I love what I do and I truly love where I live. I hope this blog inspires you in some way. These are the places, people, things, foods, movies, that inspire me. 

 Keep an open mind, be lighthearted, sometimes my brain thinks weird things and they may end up on here. I promise to always keep it real.

Things could also get desperate when I start begging for reads. Forgiveness appreciated. 

Your Realtor, 

Shannon Frith